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Reading by Nine

Los Angeles County business leaders and the Times newspaper launched a community effort to advice parents that they need to take an active role in children’s ability to read, write, and spell English in 1998.  During the community meeting, business leaders stated that 50% of high school students were not able to read above the third grade level and 70% of job applicants could not pass a seventh grade reading level test.

the talking page, 1-5
The Talking Page Literacy Organizations Diagnostic Reading Tests consists of three tests for level 1, three tests for level 2, three tests for level 3, three tests for level 4, and three tests for
level 5.
The Talking Page, 6-11
The Talking Page Literacy Organizations Diagnostic Reading Tests consists of six tests for level 6, six tests for level 7, six tests for level 8, six tests for level 9, six tests for level 10, and six tests for level 11.

The Talking Page Literacy Organizations Diagnostic Reading Tests are designed to provide parents, teachers, and English as a Second Language students a scientific testing format for reading and comprehension skills.   The tests reading levels are determined by the Fry Readability Scale, to help meet the needs of families in Los Angeles County’s Reading by Nine project.

· Each level reading passage is based on relevant science subjects.  They are designed to educate and well as test the students reading and comprehension skills.

· Each reading passage is followed by 12 comprehension questions, which pertain to the material contained in the article. 

· The first 5 questions deal with the simple recalling of facts presented.

· The last 7 questions, which always appear in category order, test the student's ability to go beyond the facts.

Since individual skills hold the same position in every selection the grade level and weak skill areas of each student can be diagnosed.

Because early readers are often discouraged by long passages, the stories in the tests are kept to range of 106 to 133 words.

The Talking Page Literacy Organization's Diagnostics Reading Skills Tests were developed by Linda M. Browning.    Ms. Browning's work at the Reading Research Center located at Cornell University, together with Dr. Walter Park the director, published the book ESSENTIAL SKILLS SERIES.  The book was first printed in 1983 by Jamestown Publishers.